What You Will Find Inside WOW Italian Food

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About this Site

Why did we create this site?  Find out the inspiration section.

We aim to be transparent in all we do, so you will find detailed disclosure information in the footer link.

Recipe Sections

Where do the recipes come from?

They are from  sites in Italy and have been translated from Italian, with few exceptions.

What about the measures?

All of the Italian food recipes use metric measures.  We display these amounts for those of you that have combination measuring devices (e.g, large liquid measuring cup with ml and oz) or metric measuring items.  For those of you that do not, we have converted the measures into the closest equivalent U.S. standard measurements.

How do we pick recipes?

We look for recipes that put the WOW in Italian food.  We have organized recipes by traditional Italian courses, so we seek a balance across the meal courses.

How many courses are there?

Typically there would be 7-courses. Some classify the apertivi, pre-meal drinks as a course, as well as after meal after-meal liqueurs and cocktails.  The full structure of Italian meal courses can be found here.

We include sections for the four main courses.  Included in the 2nd course (primi piati) is the contorni or vegetable recipes.  Any recipe that doesn’t fit neatly into a category will be found in the Italian Cooking Basics sub-section.


Italian Kitchen Section

Kitchen Gadgets & Equipment — tools that are either essential or will make your Italian food cooking easier.  Italian Cooking Basics — provides instruction and guidance for items that are frequently used in many recipes (homemade pasta, passata, sauce, etc.).  Groceries  descriptions of unusual ingredients, possible substitutes, and where you can purchase hard to locate items.  We will also periodically provide reviews of items (e.g., olive oil, wine, etc.). Food History   provides tidbits about the origins of cooking style or specific Italian foods.


There is a separate section for beverages.  Anything that doesn’t fit our categories, or fits in several places, can be found here.


We hope you enjoy this site and we will work hard to improve it based on your comments.

Enjoy and have fun cooking Italian food


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